How to create the perfect smokey eye

Here’s a how to video I created, hopefully clearly demonstrating how to achieve the perfect smokey eye. I love this look in particular as I feel a smokey eye can elevate just about any look – it’s also super easy to do!

Here is the link to my video, it is quite long, I just enjoyed doing it so much I got carried away!

Now, this video is my own personal attempt using a palette I already own – Naked 1 by Urban Decay (£38.50). I use the shades; virgin, naked, buck, and darkhorse to create this smokey eye look in the video. The creamy, highly pigmented shadows are so easy to apply and seamlessly blend together!

I absolutely adoreeee this palette, it’s got so many warm shades with just a bit of a shimmer to help create both everyday and special occasion looks.

But guess what…. Urban Decay actually have an entire palette devoted to creating the most spectacular smokey eye!!! It’s called Naked Smoky (£38.50). However, there is massive range eyeshadow palettes that will all help to achieve a beautiful smokey eye.

Here is a few of my fave ————>

It doesn’t even have to be a palette though! Literally you can use any eyeshadow that you want, mix some together – do whatever you want! Just remember you’re trying to use warm, dark colours, starting with lighter colours, working your way darker using the crease of your eye and blending the shades together. You don’t want it to look like you’ve just let your 4yr old niece to paint your face, layering on strips of bright colours! Blending is the key to any eye look, especially with a smokey eye.

To conclude this post I’ve included a compilation of smokey eye looks that I love, varying in levels of complexity and shades, for a bit of inspiration to all you beauty lovers that would like to try your hand at replicating a smokey eye.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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